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Kindology:  A balancing practice.  Integrating mind, body, emotions and soul into a wisdom that connects us with self and others, to clearly communicate our needs and grow compassion and love for humanity.

Embodying kindness is the foundation of how we balance life, love and accept ourselves and return to wellness.

An embodied kindness practice is a “Balancing Act” helping us meet the challenges of chronic pain (physical or emotional).

Being willing to inhabit the body, access emotions, notice the mind and hear our internal wise guide with an open heart is the way we navigate our life to uncover our highest purpose and authentic gifts to fully express who we are, even in the most demanding of times.

By embracing our divine wisdom, that is already within us, we unblock areas of tension, unlock our pain’s purposes and messages and heal — returning to a natural state of wellbeing.

Kindology, in synergy with the mind body process becomes a coaching mixture of somatics (breathing and body) meets feeling emotions, and thought work to hear the wisdom that lies within our souls.

This approach allows us to understand ourselves by exploring and embracing our humanness (vulnerability, compassion, empathy, belonging, longing, loss, courage, worth, love) through a fully integrated experience, rather than by the false limits of our mind and small self (ego).

In this way we tear down old, unhealthy patterns to “fit in” or play small and rebuild our lives with joy.  We do this by unblocking and unlocking anything that is keeping us stuck or stagnant.  The healing begins as we step into our most authentic and transparent selves.  In this place we are steeped and grounded in self-compassion, acceptance, self-respect and love.

Kindology is a very different way of being. It calls us to be awake in our mind, body, emotions and soul. It connects us to our deepest purpose, harness our power to heal and ultimately create a life where we are in balance, contribution and service to the world.


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