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I’m Rebecca.

I have Fibromyalgia – and not so long ago the incredible pain that came with it ran my life! Actually, I thought it had destroyed my life!

Now I’ve discovered my own capacity for peace and wellbeing, and I never would have thought it possible in my so-called ‘healthier’ days.

It’s possible now because I’ve found my authentic self through the Mind Body Process.  I’m thriving and living a life that is abundant with joy, flexibility and movement.

’m now on a mission to help other women challenged with chronic pain, autoimmune diseases and disorders.

It turned out that this debilitating pain was a gift!

My journey through pain led me to become a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and an endorsed Mind Body Coach/Mentor specializing in physical and emotional healing.

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I’ve gathered an assortment of powerful exercises, proven techniques and mind-blowing tools to help YOU navigate your own wild ride.


Zip-lining through a Mexican rainforest….and my life!

Zip-lining through a Mexican rainforest….and my life!


Pain as Teacher

Pain. Is indeed terrible.

At least that’s what we’re taught to believe. When our bodies begin to talk to us through pain, (okay, perhaps the more appropriate term is SCREAM at us) we usually jump to attention and do everything we can to make that pain GO AWAY. (Resistance!)

It might be multiple visits to various doctors and specialists.

It might be popping different pills – or trying a variety of healing modalities, from Acupuncture to Zen.

But … often the symptoms persist; even worsen at times. The pain gets louder.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: Worrying about pain, struggling against it and trying to fix it actually increases stress and tension in the body and you guessed it, results in more pain!

Just know that the pain – the fatigue, those symptoms and sensations – they’re actually here with important messages from your inner wise guide.

All you really have to do is turn your attention within and listen.

The Mind Body Process is the most effective way I know to dial down chronic pain.

But how?

How can you possibly hear your soul’s voice when all you can think about is how much you hurt and how can you make the pain STOP!? NOW!!!!

I’ve got good news for you! It’s so much easier than you think to reduce that suffering and hear the whispers of your soul.

I know because I was right there with you not so long ago.

But now it’s all changed.

I’ve accessed the courage, the tools and the techniques to compassionately hear and honor my body’s messages and listen to my inner voice. I now enjoy new experiences and relationships that fill me with peace and joy.

No longer is pain running this show I call my life!

This shift has been so profound that I’ve now dedicated my life to helping others though the Mind Body Process awaken to their true and authentic spirit with Kindology.

And guess what they gain? A deeper, richer, more connected relationship with their mind, body, and soul.

What else do they gain? Freedom and Joy.

Guess what they leave behind? Suffering.

You can’t hold Fear and Joy in your consciousness at the same time!

Are YOU ready to take inspired action to courageously make peace with your body, make decisions from a place of ease and confidence and live your authentic truth by accessing your inner wisdom?

Those sensations you feel as pain — it’s your body telling you its time to make a change!

I’m ready to guide you!


My Story

Photo from May 21, 2013

I thought I’d led a charmed life for most of my adulthood. I took good health for granted.

Strong and fit, I held my dream job and surrounded myself with a loving family, interesting and accomplished friends, fulfilling hobbies and exotic travel. I was a dancer, a runner, a weightlifter incredibly disciplined and flexible, and I assumed this strong body would always be here for me.

And then in 2010, in a six-month block of time I got sucked into a vortex of unfortunate happenings.

My life crashed. A car accident. Sinus surgery which revealed further complications. Both parents sickened and died. And I discovered that my marriage was in need of immediate TLC.

This body that I had so carefully nurtured and controlled seemed to take on a life of its own. Pain and fatigue replaced strength and flexibility.

Now, my life wasn’t always charmed.

As a child I was constantly uprooted, moving from place to place with my family.

Since I was well mannered and quiet, nobody caught on to the fact that I had ADD; especially since I instilled coping mechanisms to make me appear as normal/as smart as everyone else.

Of course I was mimicking others or cleverly distracting from things I knew I couldn’t do. Secretly I acknowledged that I was different; more sensitive.

But the one thing I could count on was my body. I had always succeeded in the physical realm.  This felt empowering because it took me out of the emotional pain of feeling like I didn’t fit in.

While others might use TV, food or even reading to distract themselves from uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, I did it with constant movement.

I grew up and things got way better – or so I thought.

In truth, I just added more distractions to make me feel like things were better. I started a family, secured a good job, lived abroad and surrounded myself with friends on the same path.

It was only when I literally couldn’t get up – five years ago – that I realized this ‘charmed’ life had caught up with me.

Sure, my body had been giving me lots of red flags, signals, and amber lights. Aches, pains and little niggling symptoms. Think of the sound of a distant train blowing its horn. But I refused to slow down. I just took more NSAID to dial down the pain and marched on.

I’d tell myself, “This is nothing, I must be getting old. Stop being ridiculous, get up and get on with it.”

It terrified me to even consider: Who would I be without my flexibility? Without being able to continue pushing the way I always have? This body was tied to everything I held near and dear, everything I could control. I could control my weight, manage my anxiety, orchestrate my social life, and ensure I would be accepted and liked by my peer group.

When I was spinning around in that vortex, I felt like I disconnected from myself! I couldn’t stand the constant pain, and every time I visited a doctor my mind went crazy with worst-case-scenario thoughts.

Eventually I became disillusioned with the medical system because most of my doctors told me: “You look fine.” I didn’t want to be on scary medicines with their terrifying side effects.

I was alone in a dark place for quite a while.

Then I gathered the strength (through sheer desperation) to look for OTHER ways to navigate through the abyss, and that’s when I discovered the Mind Body approach to healing.

I absorbed the knowledge like it was an emollient salve for my parched soul.

I worked with those simple Mind Body exercises daily as though my life depended upon them, and amazingly my pain experience began to shift!

About a week into it I realized that my concentration was no longer exclusively focused on my pain, but on this internal ‘dig’ that I was doing. For the first time my mind was no longer monitoring, and measuring my symptoms constantly. My mind activity ceased narrowing in on the pain and opened up to creating a new life; I was shedding old patterns and beliefs that had me mired in fear.

Instead my mental concentration focused within, and my inner wisdom radiated out. SHAZAM! I noticed my pain dialed down, ease bubbled up. It truly felt like a miracle!

Soon I noticed I felt better – even though the doctor’s diagnosis and test results hadn’t changed. But that didn’t matter. I disconnected from their monthly hypotheses about how I got fibromyalgia in the first place and their latest and greatest pain management recommendations.

My real truth was how I FELT.

Science tells us that the body is always striving for homeostasis, which meant I could trust my body and actually write the prescription for my own health!

I knew then that I wanted to be of service for women challenged with pain, who feel scared, alone, hopeless, who don’t have an advocate to show them other ways to reduce their suffering – except for drugs and allopathic modalities.

I was soon enrolled in University of Mind Body Coach Training.

You don’t need to give your power away to anybody, and in fact if you do that then you will go down that black hole of fear.

My symptoms, although cyclic, are now so much more manageable!

And it’s all from using the Nervous System Regulation / Mind Body process along with Kindology.

I know how to do this for myself and I am living proof these principles work. Now, I teach these principles, strategies and helpful tools to others.

They will work for YOU too – once you know how to integrate the theories and exercises into your life.

Please email me at beckoningbalance@yahoo.com

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