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What Clients Are Saying About My Work


Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 2.05.43 PM“Rebecca is a highly intuitive, insightful mind-body coach, who never fails to spot where I might be ‘avoiding’ emotional pain, by distracting myself with physical pain.  Whether it’s something as simple as tension in my shoulders, or just a nagging headache I can’t get rid of, she reminds me to notice the unaddressed emotions and feelings that might be the source, and gently encourages me take a second look, and explore.

Her warmth, ability to listen and support have been invaluable to me.  No matter what I am struggling with she has on hand an enormous toolkit that matches the size of her heart, and skillfully wiggles me free from anything that has me stuck.  And she does it all with great humor and love. I have loved working with Rebecca and highly recommend her. “

~ Megan, Canada


Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 2.06.03 PMI hired Rebecca as my personal life coach in November 2013.  She was able to walk me through and heal things that had troubled me for years. She presented new ways for me to look at and tackle challenges with fresh eyes. Together we examined my issues, beliefs and thoughts from their psychological /spiritual /physical and emotional sides.

I feel empowered and confident now that the tools I’ve learned will assist me should any old issues pop back into my life, or new circumstances arise. I’m changed for the better. I highly recommend Rebecca as your personal life coach, she has been a gift to my life.

~ Ronda, Colorado


Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 2.05.02 PM“Rebecca is a wonderful, effective and helpful mind body life coach. Her soft, reassuring voice makes one feel safe, supported and protected, allowing them to go into the body and find their inner wisdom. I have always felt immense clarity and more peaceful after a session with her.”

 ~ Leda, Michigan



Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 2.11.25 PM“I have gained a new depth of awareness about the messages in my own body after my conversations with Rebecca. Her uncanny intuition hones right in on the most casual things I mention and she can unerringly excavate the deeper meanings and emotions that might be lurking behind even minor symptoms.

Rebecca has helped me access these emotions with her loving and kind questions and with her many playful tools and practices. She is compassionate, humorous, intuitive and kind. All qualities that make a huge difference in a coach. I can’t recommend working with Rebecca enough. She will take you on a journey to your own self – where you might find a blooming garden that you hardly knew existed!”

~Sarah, Oregon


“I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from my mind, body and spirit coaching with Becca as my guide.  She helped me observe my unhelpful ways of thinking and how they were holding me back from my best life. Here is just a sample of things you will find with her as your coach:

– Professional and highly educated in all things Mind, Body and Soul

– Understanding, gentle and compassionate

– Possesses a big “Mind Body Tool Box” with multiple exercises, examples, ideas and is flexible based on your needs and learning style

– Has a sixth sense—she is keenly intuitive

– Funny—she has a good sense of humor

– Mindful of your time and goals; yet, always focused on the client’s desires and objectives

It’s obvious she loves being a life coach, and I’m thankful she was mine.”

 ~ T. L., Honolulu 


“Over my amateur and professional career I have had the opportunity to work with a multitude of coaches, mentors, performance coaches, and mental toughness consultants. It is extremely important that if you want to be at your peak performance in life, athletics, and or personal relationships your body, mind, and soul must be intact!

After working with Rebecca my vision towards goals in my personal and professional life have been clarified immensely! Her innate ability to connect with individuals and help them in any realm of life is second to none! Without her guidance, I would not be the person I am today! I CANNOT thank her enough for the perspective she has provided me and the enlightenment she has directed towards!”

~ Brady, Wisconsin


“Rebecca is uniquely gifted as a life coach for many and various reasons. The balance she has achieved in her own life, overcoming many devastating experiences, is a testimony to her competence and resiliency. She’s walked in shoes many of her clients never had to. Her ability to listen, codify, and interpret back to her clients is intuition on steroids. Her strongest asset is an infinite one, because her faith is her highest authority. I recommend her without hesitation.”

~ G.R Wilkerson, BSN. RN 1972, Florida


“Rebecca brings the gift of her kind and gentle spirit to all of her coaching work.  I left every session knowing that she truly cared about me and my experience with the health challenges I face each day.  She has a wealth of mind-body knowledge that is beautifully rounded out by her own personal experience.  She helped me uncover things about myself that I’d never realized were there and I’m so thankful to have had Rebecca’s support during this most challenging time in my life.”

~ Caitlin, Oregon


“When I started working with Rebecca Hampton, I’d been living with chronic fatigue syndrome for 2 decades. My episodes of fatigue and pain weren’t as frequent or severe as when I first became ill, but they were still serious enough to curtail my participation in many beloved activities.  After just a few sessions with her I gained an understanding of how–through fatigue and other symptoms–my body communicates with me. Plus, she gave me specific—and awesome!–tools for working with those messages. I now experience far fewer fatigue events than before and am able to take part in many more activities. Rebecca is intuitive, loving and wise….a real Mind/Body Whisperer.”

~ Kathleen, California




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